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The individual takes center stage, holding the reins of their development while being cognizant of their intrinsic value and the impact they have on the systems they inhabit.


From acorn to oak: preparing the ground to become who you are.


Monica Montironi


I am an Associate Certified Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation, and I have been a practicing lawyer since 2000, holding a Master's Degree in Economics and Business Law.

With a professional tenure exceeding two decades, I served as a business lawyer for prominent Italian law firms, specializing in corporate mergers and acquisitions. Additionally, I held the role of an independent director at Unieuro S.p.a., a publicly traded company.

Throughout this extensive journey, I had the privilege of cultivating a heightened sensitivity and attention to the inherent challenges faced by complex organizations. Addressing a spectrum of issues, including the achievement of objectives at individual, team, and corporate levels, problem-solving, effective communication, leadership, conflict management, and change management, has been an integral part of my experience.


In which sectors do I operate?

Law and

tax firms

Companies and Organizations


Publish Administration


I collaborate with Wise Humanity, an organization that has developed transformative methods for personal growth, capable of guiding individuals towards their best version.
Monica accompanied me with absolute professionalism and profound empathy on a journey of self-awareness that has been and continues to be a tremendous asset in both my professional and personal life

- Alessandra Stabilini -

Lawyer and Independent Director

Monica has empowered me to convert professional obstacles into potent tools for growth. With competence, she skillfully guided me through the process of gaining a deeper awareness of my resources.

- Laura Rigodanza -

Training and Communication Expert

I consider myself fortunate to have completed a coaching journey with Monica, which enabled me to maximize my professional potential. Among the positive outcomes was the establishment of a climate of mutual trust within my team, fostering alignment towards our common goal.

- Brunella Chiariello -

Head of Legal Affairs

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